"The Tallahassee Genealogist" Article Index Project

The Article Index Project focused on the content of "The Tallahassee Genealogist", as opposed to the Surname Index Project, which only identified surnames mentioned within the journal.  The Article Index includes the Title, Subject, Author, Volume, and Page Number of nearly every article published within the journal (exceptions are noted in the document).

The PDF file is sorted in chronological order by volume and series number of the journal.  The file is completely searchable, and may be opened, viewed, or printed from the website, or may be downloaded for added convenience.

As future issues of The Tallahassee Genealogist are published, the Article Index PDF file will be updated and re-posted to the website.

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Thanks to TGS member volunteers; Amy S. Hutson, Mary LePoer, and Robin F. Collins, for their combined efforts in compiling this index.